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Rent A Car in Belize

Car Rental – for those who find it more convenient to have their own vehicle (for getting around within Belize City, or to visit other parts of the country, especially the ancient Mayan sites in the western regions), there are car rental agencies such as Avis (Tel. 225-2629), Budget (223-2435), Hertz (Tel.: 223-5396) and Thrifty (207-1271). … Continue reading Rent A Car in Belize


Car Hire in Venezuela

CAR RENTALS – the following car rental agencies operate in Caracas: Avis Rent a Car: (58) 212 959-5822 Budget Rent a Car: (58) 212 603-1360 Hertz: (58) 212 952-0717 Thirifty: (58) 212 952-9981 Unirent: (58) 212 655-7200


Car Hire in Costa Rica

Costa Rica, due to its territorial dimension, can be traveled from border to border in 14 hours and from coast to coast in 7 hours so the car rental is an expedited way to move. There are different car rental agencies, among which is Budget Rent a Car, with affordable prices and comfortable cars, who … Continue reading Car Hire in Costa Rica


Margarita Island

CAR RENTALS – the following car rental agencies operate on Margarita Island: Amigo’s Car Rental: (58) 295 269 1451 DG Car Rental: (58) 295 414 7155 Eurolosan Rent a Car: (58) 295 269 1075 MargaritaCars.com: (58) 295 264 6038


Car Hire in California

Car rental in California is not very different than in other cities. They request a driver’s license, passport, in the case of tourists and a credit card for accidents or any problem. Most companies that rent require that the driver be over 25 years old but you can also find some in which the age … Continue reading Car Hire in California


Car Rental in Peru

CAR RENTALS – the following car rental agencies operate in Lima: Avis: +51 1 2020400 Budget: +51 1 4444 546 Dollar Rent a Car: +51 1 444 4920 Europcar: +51 1 2628 886 Hertz: +51 1 6544 538 National: +51 1 433 3750